Spissgatter 13 meter - a Classic Yacht from 1913.

Price: 146,100 GBP
Approx. price in Euro: 161,600 EUR

Info: Shown prices may have been automatically converted from another currency.

Detailed specifications

  • Build year: 1913

  • LOA: 1,525.00 m

  • Width: 450.00 m

  • Draft: 284.00 m

  • Deplacement: 26,000 kg

  • Hull: Mahogany - Wood

  • Motor: Saab

  • Fuel: Diesel

SY Storm is a 13 meter Spissgatter and was built in 1912-13 at Anker & Jensen in Vollen, Asker. The designation was a yacht, designed by shipowner Chr. Jensen. He later designed and built the Maud polar ship for Mr. Roald Amundsen.

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SY Storm is a 13 meter Spissgatter and was built in 1912-13 at Anker & Jensen in Vollen, Asker. The designation was a yacht, designed by shipowner Chr. Jensen. He later designed and built the Maud polar ship for Mr. Roald Amundsen.
Storm was commissioned by Mr. Ole Larsen Jr. from Oslo, and delivered in the fall of 1913. He was a wine and liquor merchant, and when the liquor ban came to Norway he had to sell the boat. Shipowner John K. Haaland, from Haugesund, became a new owner in 1916. He participated with Storm on a number of regattas in the west countries over the next few years. According to the Haaland family, the shipping company was hit hard by the post-war recession, and eventually in 1923 Storm was sold. The boat then went back to Kristiania and merchant Anders Backer Grøndahl. He owned Storm until 1933, when Shipowner Mr. Anders Jahre in Sandefjord became a new owner, and at the same time Storm was rigged with bermuda rig. The Jahre family took exceptionally good care of the boat, and is the main reason why Storm is today one of Norway's most original and best-preserved classic sailboats. Today's owners took over Storm from the Bulls Tanker Company in 1996.

The hull is built in mahogany on oak bulkheads, and the very beautiful mahogany interior with flame birch panel was installed at A. Andersen in Hankø. The deck is made of teak.

Many "Spissgatters" were built at this time, which became a very popular regatta boat with their long keels, their high masts and with the rudder mounted completely aft like on a sailboat.

Storm has undergone several major upgrades over the years. Modern equipment (like an engine!) has been fitted without changing the boat's original design. The National Antiquarian in NOrway has among other things contributed with funds for restoration and maintenance.

Today, Storm is equipped with everything from modern hub equipment with chart plotter, hydraulic anchor winch, central boiler, freezer / fridge, WC / shower, alarm and 220 V system. Storm is equipped with 7 beds, of which 2 are for the crew ahead. The lounge seats 6 guests for dinner.

Storm was built for comfortable sea experiences in all conditions. It enjoys hard weather, and heels only to a certain point where it settles well and plows through rough seas. Due to the long, deep keel, the boat rises high in the wind and has little drift to leeward. In addition to the mainsail, it is equipped with 3 sails (jibs, klyver and jager) with a total sail of 180 m2.

Storm has participated in a number of regattas from Europauken 1914 to the Risør Treeboat Festival, and sails impressively even when compared to more modern regatta boats. Storm now has a home port a stone's throw from the remains of Anker & Jensen in Vollen, where it was built almost 110 years ago.
Throughout the years, STORM has had enthusiastic owners who have really maintained and upgraded the boat during the time.
The boat will only be sold if the next owner sees his maintenance responsibilities and ensure the legacy of previous owners.

STORM is from 1913 and the interior solutions are from this era. The following equipment and upgrades can be mentioned:
The boat is helmed with a tiller.
The boat is not sold with dinghy.
Steel Keel.
The maximum standing height inside is about 2 meters.
Toilet from 2018. Shower.
Holding tank.
Hot water with about 40 liter tank.
Fresh water tank about 1000 liters
Diesel tank about 300 liters.
Boom tarp from 2019.
Cockpit tent from 2016
The engine is from 1968 with fresh water cooling.
Max plug 100 is the type of propeller.
Shore connection 220Volt facility.
Victron charger.
Batteries 4 x 220Ah / 12V Gel + 2 x 85ah / 12V for start.
There are 2 cooling boxes on board.
A waterheat system provides heat.
There is a customized anchor with anchor winch.
4 bilge pumps are fitted.
Navigation lights.
Life raft.
Fire extinguishers.
Garmin GPS.
Sailor VHF.
The mast is about 23 meters high.
Deck lights.

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The information are given to Yachtbroker by the owner of the boat. Yachtbroker is not responsible for wrong information.

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