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Classic Yachts

  • Bianca 33

    Bianca 33

    Build year: 1967

    Motor: Bukh

    LOA: 10.20 m

    Width: 3.00 m

    Depth: 1.70 m

    Lying in: Vordingborg, DK

    Price: GBP 20,800

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  • Classic Yacht Marconi Cutter 1955

    Classic Yacht Marconi Cutter 1955

    Build year: 1955

    Motor: Yanmar 4JH4AE

    LOA: 11.77 m

    Width: 3.05 m

    Depth: 1.70 m

    Lying in: Rome, IT

    Price: GBP 39,800

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  • Colin Archer 33 type - Søglad

    Colin Archer 33 type - Søglad

    Build year: 1986

    Motor: Bukh

    LOA: 10.00 m

    Width: 3.40 m

    Depth: 1.90 m

    Lying in: Sydsjælland, Denmark

    Price: GBP 46,800

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  • Colin Archer 40

    Colin Archer 40

    Build year: 1988

    Motor: Perkins 4.236

    LOA: 12.15 m

    Width: 4.00 m

    Depth: 1.90 m

    Lying in: Göteborg, SE

    Price: GBP 57,900

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  • Frans Maas Fortunnella 34

    Frans Maas Fortunnella 34

    Build year: 1961

    Motor: Volvo Penta

    LOA: 10.45 m

    Width: 2.90 m

    Depth: 1.75 m

    Lying in: Middelfart, DK

    Price: GBP 17,800

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  • Gaffelriggad Ketch "Elna"

    Gaffelriggad Ketch "Elna"

    Build year: 2012

    Motor: Ford 2725 E

    LOA: 11.50 m

    Width: 4.20 m

    Depth: 1.55 m

    Lying in: Göteborg, SE

    Price: GBP 347,300

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  • Havskryssare 55 Ö10

    Havskryssare 55 Ö10

    Build year: 1953

    Motor: Volvo Penta MD 2 B

    LOA: 12.30 m

    Width: 2.56 m

    Depth: 1.89 m

    Lying in: Stockholm, SE

    Price: GBP 40,600

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  • International 8mR, R8

    International 8mR, R8

    Build year: 1903

    Motor: Lombardini LDW 1404 M

    LOA: 14.03 m

    Width: 2.63 m

    Depth: 1.95 m

    Lying in: Stockholm, Sweden

    Price: GBP 98,000

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  • Ketch 33´Walsted/Lohals "Amanda"

    Ketch 33´Walsted/Lohals "Amanda"

    Build year: 1970

    Motor: Volvo Penta MD2030

    LOA: 9.88 m

    Width: 3.20 m

    Depth: 1.32 m

    Lying in: Thurø Walsted, Denmark

    Price: GBP 53,300

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  • Mayflower Havskryssare

    Mayflower Havskryssare

    Build year: 1957

    Motor: R Run - TD437

    LOA: 12.50 m

    Width: 2.67 m

    Depth: 1.90 m

    Lying in: Örnsköldsvik, SE

    Price: GBP 45,500

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  • Norsk ketch

    Norsk ketch

    Build year: 1964

    Motor: Perkins 6 cyl

    LOA: 12.00 m

    Width: 4.00 m

    Depth: 1.70 m

    Lying in: Aalborg, DK

    Price: GBP 64,900

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  • San Marco Carlifornia

    San Marco Carlifornia

    Build year: 1965

    Motor: Mercruiser 350

    LOA: 6.20 m

    Width: 2.40 m

    Depth: 0.50 m

    Lying in: Göteborg, SE

    Price: GBP 29,000

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