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YachtBroker is a Scandinavian network of eight compentent brokers. There is always a local broker to help you with the sale of your boat. We are independent from new boat brands and are therefore able to concentrate fully on your boat.


New boats for sale

  • Le Comete Fastnet 45 Ketch.

    Le Comete Fastnet 45 Ketch.

    618,000 DKK

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  • Willing 31

    Willing 31

    140,000 DKK

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  • Scania 23

    Scania 23

    245,000 DKK

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  • Reinke Hydra 15.3

    Reinke Hydra 15.3

    Reinke Hydra 15.3 is a real Blue Water sailing, where a large crew can stay on for long periods of time when you want to get out on the big cruises.

    820,000 DKK

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Velos Insurance Specialists

YachtBroker has teamed up with Velos Insurance Services. Velos has been leading in the field of marine insurances for 40 years and offers your boat an All-Risk-Policy whether you own a yacht, motorboat, speedboat, sailboat, cruiser or narrowboat. Whatever the type of pleasure craft, Velos have competitive insurance policies for you which includes third part and liability coverage. Get a free quote here.

Yachtbroker network

YachtBrokers websites are visited by over 55,000 interested boat-buyers from around the world each month:

This allows our customers to come in contact with a large number of interested buyers and therefore YachtBroker are selling more boats - and faster than our competitors.

YachtBroker are looking for partners in UK

YachtBroker want to expand in the Uk and looking for dedicated
Brokerage Firms or individuals .

Contact mikkel@yachtbroker.dk